Baby Alfie Photoshoot


I photographed Gemma & Dave’s wedding back in 2012 – they are a lovely couple and they just had their first baby, a beautiful little boy, Alfie, whom I am fortunate enough to have photographed a few weeks ago in my ‘Kitchen Studio’….


My ‘Kitchen Studio’ set up is very simple really – I use white and black backgrounds, 2 continuous lights with large softboxes and reflectors. I usually place the two softboxes from front and sides for a nice soft portrait effect and I make good use of my Nikon Speedlight bouncing it off ceilings and walls – I enjoy trying out different angles and effects as I go along and seeing what works best.


It’s very helpful if clients can send me some images they like the look of so I can get a full understanding of what they like prior to the shoot. Gemma had composed a very good plan with pictures detailing the type of shots they would like to end up with…


I research, think about ideas and technicalities etc, and then peruse my posing apps over the days leading up to a portraiture shoot so I am fully prepared to get the most out of it. I write a ‘shots list’ so I can make sure we have those covered and then we can get creative and try out some spontaneous ideas of which, ‘Baby in a Basket’ was one…


Alfie was not big enough to hold his head up on his own then so I looked for shot where it would work best and then removed Gemma & Dave’s arms!


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