I LIVE photography – my eyes are lenses – I SEE life in pictures…

The point of my pictures is to portray beauty in life, as I see it, for others to enjoy.

I love photographing people, animals, abstract stuff, nature and landscapes, and I love being creative with my own fine art photography projects.

I work as a portrait, wedding and commercial photographer – which I love too with enormous affection!

I live in a beautiful little village in Hampshire, SW England, UK with my very lovely family and I love life despite disgruntlements – it is an amazing journey of growth and discovery for me for which I am very grateful!

I’m going to write about my pictures on here…about photography jobs and projects – ideas, processes & methods, and what I am learning.

I’m always learning as a photographer and it’s exciting to be able to constantly improve what you do through practice, experiences and advancing technical knowledge.

Hope you enjoy my contemplations and enlightenments and mostly; my pictures…

(Camera Heads Info; I use a Nikon D700 (soon to be a D800 or D4s….;) and Fuji S5, with 24-70mm, 50mm, basic telephoto & wide angle lenses. I process on a Mac using LR, PS and have various Epson printers but tend to outsource this these days…)


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